Prize Lectures

The Microbiology Society awards a range of prizes in recognition of significant contributions to microbiology. Nominations for these awards are invited from the membership each year. All members are invited to nominate an outstanding microbiologist for a Microbiology Society Prize.

Nominations for Prize Lectures 2020 and the 2021 Prize Medal are now closed.

After nominations are received, an appointed Prize Award Panel, chaired by the General Secretary of the Society, will be responsible for presenting a shortlist for the Prize Medal and a recommendation for all other Prize winners to Council for endorsement when they meet in September. The successful recipient will be invited to accept and the announcement made in the following February edition of Microbiology Today, the Society's magazine.

Rules for all Prizes

  1. Prizes are awarded on the conditions that the work comprising the subject matter of the nomination has been conducted in good faith and to the highest professional and ethical standards, and that all information and documentation in support of the same, and in support of any nomination in connection with the same, are true, factual and not misleading. The Society reserves the right to withdraw any prize awarded if the Society considers any of the aforementioned conditions not to have been satisfied or if the Society, in its absolute discretion, considers that withdrawing any prize awarded, would be in the best interests of the Society and/or the integrity of the prize in question.
  2. All Prizes are awarded annually.
  3. Nominations shall be made by any two members of the Society; the nominee need not be a member of the Society.
  4. Nominations may require accompanying documentation; please see individual Prize information for requirements. Recipients of Prizes may not be nominated on a subsequent occasion though unsuccessful nominees may be resubmitted the following year.
  5. Prize recipients will be expected to present a lecture based on their work at an appropriate meeting or event of the Society. Expenses of the Prize Lecturer will be paid by the Society. At the discretion of the Editors of the Society’s journals, the recipient may also be encouraged to publish the lecture in a suitable journal.
  6. A discrete travel bursary shall be provided to successful nominators of the Prize Medal to enable them to attend the Prize Lecture of their successful nominee in recognition of their efforts.
  7. Unless otherwise stipulated by the criteria, there shall be no restriction by means of age, nationality, geography or gender of those eligible for Microbiology Society Prizes. The Society encourages an expectation of at least 33%, and ideally 50% of female participation. Nominators are encouraged to consider the entire talent pool available for their nomination.